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What Is Web Design and Development?

Added on December 23, 2011

Web design refers to the entire interactive process that goes into the designing of a website. It includes a lot of work like incorporating the right text, putting up nice animation that goes with the theme of the site and other interactive tools as well. There are a lot of web design companies that offer such services but you must always ensure that you stick to the best in the business because it is the design of your website which creates the first impression on people. Designing sites need a thorough knowledge of various HTML coding as you would need to implement a lot of CSS templates and even use Photoshop editing in order to make your webpage a lot more interactive and user friendly. These days’ people are sticking to languages that are more graphically oriented and easy to design like PHP, CGI, ASP.NET and JAVA. These languages provide the user full liberty to play with the graphical environment and produce web design that suit the business style.

Design and development of sites refers to the complete package that involves all the activities starting from scratch that is beginning the site design to the site being fully functional and gathering enough traffic to ensure that it survives in the cut throat competition. One needs to understand that web designs for personal sites will obviously differ from web designs for business. The color combination, the orientation of the page style, the type of animation used the layout all of these would differ significantly when it comes to designing business and personal sites. While business sites must have an official color and lack a lot of vibrancy, sites made for personal use can add a lot of vibrant colors to enhance the feel and appeal of the page.

No doubt, a lot of thinking goes in the designing of the perfect page and it is not possible for an individual to manage the whole of it. For this reason, you have a lot of web design companies that aid in doing this work for you. Recruiting a good designer is one of the basic criteria for establishing a good site that can help you maximize your profits significantly by attracting a lot of potential customers.

A lot of technical expertise is required as well before you can excel in the field of web design and development. You need to be clear about database like Oracle, MySql, SQL server which helps you to connect your application to the database and the platform for development like J2EE or ASP.NET or whatever you have chosen. Without a sound technical knowledge, it is not possible to lay down the perfect site as these are basic requisites in the designing field. A web designing course thus encompasses all of the above and more. This is the reason a lot of people prefer to hire companies rather than individual for dealing with the designing and development works.

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