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What is a Custom Built Shopping Cart Application?

Added on December 30, 2011

Shopping cart software is needed by all the e-commerce sites that provide the feature for online shopping. Whenever a single user purchases more than one product, he would need a shopping cart wherein he can stack the different products he intend to purchase and can then make a collective payment for all the merchandise that he has purchased. Hence, the need for a shopping carts application.
Shopping cart application software could be of several different types. The two major types are open source applications and custom built applications. Custom built applications provide a greater flexibility as compared to open source as they allow you to specify certain designing options that might suit your needs and preferences.
Custom built shopping cart applications also provide you a lot of extra features as well. It is but natural that their cost is higher as not only do they provide you greater functionality but it also allows you a larger flexibility of operating things. Different options regarding shopping type and payment processing can be tailor made as per your specific demands, need and preferences. With custom built shopping cart software, you can also have the added privilege of handling issues related with inventory and stock management. Whenever a product is sold, the stock needs to be updated to display the updated quantity available, at the same time; the money that a consumer pays on the site needs to be channelized in the right manner and in the right direction so that your account balance is rightly debited. Further, if the selling of certain bulk products in a single order reduces the stock level below minimum amount, the inventory or warehouse needs to be updated so that the stock can be refreshed timely.
No doubt, it must seem like a lot of jobs at the moment. With custom built shopping cart applications, it might be possible and the best part is all of it can be accomplished automatically without the need of manual intervention. If you do not have a complete idea of the functioning of this software, you can hire the services of a lot of different companies that provide you the feature of custom built shopping cart application development.
This software is more costly than open source as a lot of different functional layers have been incorporated. Apart from all the above mentioned layers of functionalities, this software can also help you in maintaining the point system for various purchases or the coupon codes which can be used to effect discounts on items and a lot of other related functions as well. Thus, for concerns which wish to prosper and grow and need a lot of extra functions, it might be a good idea to get a nice custom built cart which is specific to your site and the way it functions. If you are still in doubt regarding the appropriate design of the software, feel free to contact Homer technologies we have been providing consistent solutions in this field for too long in cities like Toronto, Brampton and Mississauga.


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