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Website for Employment Agencies and Staffing Companies

Added on November 26, 2012

Employment agencies or Staffing companies offer variety of jobs. In the Greater Toronto Area, there are many Employment agencies or recruitment companies. Their main function is to assist people to get jobs in variety of fields. People who are looking for jobs usually contact staffing companies to be employed. Employment Agencies work as an intermediary between employees and employers. Employers are usually medium segment companies who don’t have human resource management to hire eligible employees or workers.

Employment agencies provides all types of jobs like Fork Lift Operators, Assembly Line Operators, Electrical Technicians, CNC Machine Operators, Welders, Plumbers, Landscapers, Gardeners, Packagers, Securities, Clerks, Personal Support Workers, Account Clerks, Bookkeepers, Tutors and more. The reason for providing more variety of jobs is they represent a variety of companies. It is good for people who look for jobs can get range of jobs to choose from.
Web Design for Employment Agencies
Web site for Staffing companies can host a variety of features for their needs. Let us analyze the web development requirements for a typical staffing company. The website would require Front End of the website that is available in the internet and back end of the website where the manager or staff of the company will manage the jobs and employees.
Public Website
The public website will have well designed website that would feature information about the company, list of jobs, safety practices, employment requirements, contact information, uploading resume feature.
Administration Section
Secure and password protected back end administration section is important for job agencies website. The administration section will have the features to completely manage the features of both the public and administration section of the website. Admin section is more exhaustive than the public site. The admin section will have the following features
Job Management
Job Management section can be use to add new jobs that are available. Modify and/or Delete any of the existing Job list.
Employee Management
Employee Management section can be use to register new employees and job applications. Modify or delete the employee details. Added employees will have information such as Name, Address, Phone Number, Email id, Education, job skills, experience, region of employment required, expected salary and more. In the employee management section we can include lots of features such as uploading job applicants resume, copy of driver’s license, passport copies (If required), copy of educational certificates and any other documents required.
Search Management
Whenever there is a need of employees for any job, the search functionally can be used to find the right candidate. Search results can be filtered according the skill of the candidate, experience, physical location and expected salary. In this way the right candidate can be selected for a job.
More and more features can be added to the website like payroll, accounts, payments, job statistics, and employee statistics. It all depends on the requirement of the employment agency what they require to have in their website. Based on the requirements a customized web application can be developed that can be easy to manage.
If your company requires a customized website with above mentioned features, just contact Homer Technologies. We are experienced in developing custom web solutions.


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