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Paid marketing and advertising of commercial websites

Web Marketing is another strategy you can use to gather more traffic on your website. When many people visit your website, it can lead to many possible transactions. If people know your existence with the use of internet marketing, your brand/company will be spread to the market quickly. Website marketing is also known as online marketing, e-marketing, digital marketing, or search marketing.

This is basically advertising and/or promoting a company’s services and products over the internet. Many marketing tools can be used in web marketing such as through wireless media, e-mail, advertising in commercial and yellow pages directories, newsletter mailing, creating commercials, video marketing, producing and managing of banner ads in several ad networks, promotional videos, and Google adwords administration.

Technical and creative aspects found on the internet are both important things to put in mind. There are several types of internet marketing such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC/I (Pay per click/Impression), and SMM (Social Media Marketing).

There are also a few business models that are being associated with internet marketing and examples of these are Local Internet Marketing, E-commerce, Affiliate Marketing, and Lead-based websites.

There are advantages of internet marketing. It is inexpensive in examining and studying the ratio of the cost to the desired reach of the target users/audience. Companies doing it can surely reach a lot of consumers for only a few fraction of the traditional advertising supply/budget. It also allows the audience to research and buy the services and products conveniently. Businesses can reach their target market quickly and also get results quickly. It is also advantageous on the part of the internet marketers to measure statistics inexpensively and easily. Everything can be easily measured, traced, and tested. It is usually done through an ad server. Marketers can know which offerings and messages are more acceptable to the audience. All results of campaigns done can be tracked and measured right away because it usually requires consumers to click an advertisement, perform a certain targeted action, and/or to visit a certain website.

Businessmen may be experts in handling and managing their businesses, but a lot of them lack the knowledge and expertise to advertise and promote their websites using internet marketing.

This is where Homer Technologies comes in. We do the website marketing for you – both effectively and efficiently. It is included on our job to do the technical part in doing internet marketing. We do our best in promoting your website and we always make sure in doing internet marketing, your company can gather more traffic on your website and you can gather as well a lot of customers and clients. Our strategies in doing website marketing can certainly help you in positive advertising and at the same time, you get the maximum positive returns possible. Our internet marketers are all trained in this field and we are proud to inform you that they are the best people in this kind of job.

For more information and inquiries, you may contact us anytime. We will be happy to serve you.

Standard Package

Standard Package is for small size websites. It is the suitable package for small size companies, Personal Site, Non-Profit Organization. It can be upgraded to Enterprise Package or Custom Solution anytime.

  • 10 Static Web Pages
  • Professionally Designed Site
  • CSS Based Layout
  • Flash or JQuery Front Page Banner
  • 10 Free Stock Images.
  • 10 Free Site Updates
  • Contact Form.
  • Photo Gallery
  • Google, Bing, Yahoo Address Map
  • Free Search Engine Optimization
  • Free Search Engine Submission
  • Free Site Statistics Reports

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