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Web Designing - Key Points to Consider

Added on July 18, 2012

Owning a website is as important as owning a bank account these days. Websites are very important to improve your business and gain a worldwide platform. Even businesses concentrating on the local market are required to have a website to showcase them as a standard one. Internet is galore with several advertisements inviting you to create websites for free or for an amount which costs less than a coffee. But beware; there wouldn’t be much use in creating a website with such companies.

Consider hiring legitimate web developers who can build the site from the scratch, if you want to create a professional website for your business. Though these websites are costly, they guarantee good profit in course of time. Here are some basic points you should be aware before you decide to hunt for a good web developer.

Web developer or web designer?
Several beginners confuse about the difference between a web designer and a web developer. To say in simple terms, web designer is the person who designs the fabric and web developer is the person who stitches the dress. Both are equally important. A good web developer hires a web designer to construct the showcasing part of the website and concentrates on programming the site. For example, consider an ecommerce site. Web designer works to make the website look attractive with all the products displayed temptingly. Web developer programs the site to load quickly, be free from viruses, make safe money transactions, follow up the customers, show relevant browsing items etc. Both are equally important, but a developer is vital as he can handle the designing part too easily.

Optimization and page rank
Most of the netizens enter a website through search engines. It is important to make your website search engine optimized to increase its rank and make it appear in the top ten listings of any search engine. A web developer can do it easily through some proven techniques. Maintaining the page rank is another important task. Professional web developers use the help of tools like Google web analytics to gather information about the frequent visitors of the website. They implement efficient steps to retain the regular visitors and attract new ones based on this information.

Check the portfolio of the web developer you are planning to hire well before you offer them the job. You can also get references from their previous workers. Get quotations from various professionals. Choose a reasonable one. People who bid too low will obviously use customizable free templates. It is better to avoid such offers.

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