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If you are really interested to put your business in the web and looking for some assistance then you are on the right place. Here our expert team will do everything to establish your business on the web effectively. Before that carefully go through the whole page and find something really helpful for you and your business.

What is Content Management System

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A web based content management system refers to a software system which provides tools to the website authorities for creating, managing, distributing, publishing and discovering information of a website through the web. The CMS, abbreviation of content management system, covers the lifecycle of the pages of your website starting from providing tools for creating content, through the publishing of that content to archiving that content. CMS also allows the owner to manage the site’s structure, appearance or look of pages and user navigation quite easily.

The benefits which you can get from CMS are:

  • Excellent consistency.
  • Improved navigation of the site.
  • Increased flexibility of the site.
  • Streamlined process of authorizing.
  • Easy turnover for new pages and changes.
  • Decentralizing authorizing power.
  • Faster growth.
  • Low maintenance cost and so one.

Features of CMS

The excellent features of a CMS can really help your business to be established and maintained for achieving the ultimate target.

  • SEO friendly and easy to remember URLs.
  • Online and integrated help.
  • Easy management of user and group.
  • Group permission system.
  • Excellent template support without changing the content.
  • Easy installing and upgrading.
  • Minimum server requirements.
  • Multiple language supported admin panel.
  • Unlimited content depth and size.
  • Easy and faster file management.
  • Audit log.
  • Supporting forums.

Features of Design

  • Easy accessibility.
  • Menu auto generation.
  • Different theme for different page.
  • Protected design.
  • Multiple area of content in a page.

Beside these there are so many features a CMS has got to build and develop your business online without so much knowledge on web programming or designing.

How content management system can help business to maintain their sites

Content management system (CMS) helps businesses to maintain businesses through the website in quite an easier way. It provides required feedback from the visitors and actual clients and makes the business persons to understand the flow of the business. Through CMS businesses can easily design forms, conduct surveys, add calendar and events to make people aware and getting feedback from them.

Businesses can upload photos and videos and manage them essential for customer awareness. Now they can even use social media to connect to the consumers through effective CMS. CMS enables the businesses to design dynamic layout for easier navigation of the clients. They can easily maintain the access and permission to the visitors and build a friendly but safer business environment in the web. Businesses can effectively control the restricted areas from the visitors to ensure the security.

Custom and open source CMS

The main difference between a custom and open source CMS is, custom CMS is designed for the exactly needed features whereas open source CMS comes with tons of features without knowing that all of those are needed or not and makes it complex to maintain. This can be said something like the ready made dress and a tailored dress. Now decision is yours whether to use a custom or open source CMS. But whatever it is we Homer Technologies are always there beside you.

Standard Package

Standard Package is for small size websites. It is the suitable package for small size companies, Personal Site, Non-Profit Organization. It can be upgraded to Enterprise Package or Custom Solution anytime.

  • 10 Static Web Pages
  • Professionally Designed Site
  • CSS Based Layout
  • Flash or JQuery Front Page Banner
  • 10 Free Stock Images.
  • 10 Free Site Updates
  • Contact Form.
  • Photo Gallery
  • Google, Bing, Yahoo Address Map
  • Free Search Engine Optimization
  • Free Search Engine Submission
  • Free Site Statistics Reports

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