Website for Employment Agencies and Staffing Companies

Added on November 26, 2012

Employment agencies or Staffing companies offer variety of jobs. In the Greater Toronto Area, there are many Employment agencies or recruitment companies. Their main function is to assist people to get jobs in variety of fields. People who are looking for jobs usually contact staffing companies to be employed.

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Web Designing - Key Points to Consider

Added on July 18, 2012

Owning a website is as important as owning a bank account these days. Websites are very important to improve your business and gain a worldwide platform. Even businesses concentrating on the local market are required to have a website to showcase them as a standard one. Internet is galore with several advertisements inviting you to create websites for free or for an amount which costs less than a coffee.

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Basics of Web Development

Added on July 18, 2012

Creating a website is not longer a rocket science. Even a second grader with decent computer knowledge can create a website and run it successfully sparing his pocket money for a few days. Web development requires two phases. Web Designing and hosting. There are several companies ready to help you with web designing and hosting services.

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Website for Car Dealers - Cars and Automobile inventory catalog and management

Added on February 23, 2012

Being an automobile dealer isn’t the easiest job, especially in hard economic times, such as what North America is currently facing. Automobile dealers are competing heavily for business, offering more deals and giving away more for less money than ever. Keeping up with the times shouldn’t have to mean engaging in such heavy competition, and there is a way around it for many automobile dealers.

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Online Food Ordering System

Added on February 15, 2012

Traditionally, ordering food from a restaurant (or other food-related establishments that offered such a service) required doing so either in person or over the telephone. However, with the Internet coming as far as it has, this has all started to change as more and more businesses in the food serving industry have started to adopt online food ordering systems. Of course, the number of companies that offer this convenient service is still relatively small, even though most popular food serving establishments have their own web sites.

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Enterprise Package

Enterprise Package is for medium size websites. It is the suitable package for medium size companies, Personal Site, Non-Profit Organization, Clubs, Entertainment Services. Upgradable to custom solution.

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  • 20 Free Stock Images.
  • 15 Free Site Updates
  • Contact Form.
  • Photo Gallery
  • Google, Bing, Yahoo Address Map
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