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Basics of Web Development

Added on July 18, 2012

Creating a website is not longer a rocket science. Even a second grader with decent computer knowledge can create a website and run it successfully sparing his pocket money for a few days. Web development requires two phases. Web Designing and hosting. There are several companies ready to help you with web designing and hosting services. But, it would be wise to spend some time online and gain some knowledge before selecting such companies. Here are some basic must knows for the newbie’s in the web designing field.

What is a Domain Name?
First decide on the topic of the website. Then get a domain name. There are millions of websites in the internet. Each one is given a specific domain name. These domain names will be translated into internet addresses for easy communication. A domain name can be simply referred as the website address. It is similar to registering a title for a book. For example Google.com is a domain name with the extension .com.

You can register for any such name from icream.com to books.inc. You will be provided that name if no one else is using it already. Whom to register and where? An organization called Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) controls the central database which contains all the names of the registered websites. They give authorizations to small organizations like namespro.ca with whom you can register the domain name.

You can get various extensions like .com, .org etc. These extensions are known as top level domain name. At present there are 21 generic top-level domains or gTLDS like .Edu, .Mil, .Int, .Gov etc. and 250 two-letter country-code top-level domains.

How to make the website go online?
If we consider domain names as the book title, web hosting is a process equivalent to getting the book published. The website becomes live only after you host it on the internet. Companies like Arvixe, Namespro etc pay a huge amount for certain bandwidth or space in the internet. They rent this space to the website owners on a monthly or yearly basis. They offer a wide variety of plans and tools to create and host the website. You can create and keep a simple website running if you can just spend $3 a month. These web hosting companies give out free domains too to attract the customers. All you need to do is register with them, get the domain and create impressive websites with the help of their user friendly software.

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